Delivery Information

The product you have ordered will be sent using one of the fastest delivery companies in the world. The commonly used delivery companies are DHL and EMS because they are most trusted when it comes to delivering your products to you. You can also make a request to get the tracking number from us. Approximately 4-6 days are needed for your shipments to be executed. We are doing all we can to make sure that device you ordered will be brought to your door but we cannot guarantee that there will be problems at customs because at some countries of the world our products are forbidden to use or even own.


As our customer, you purchase any of our products and accept all responsibility for understanding and adhering to all requirements and limitations of the usage or resale of any our products in keeping with laws and regulations of your country. In any way, when you resale our product, you are obliged to include this notation inside the package, so that anyone who wants to buy this product from you can also make an absolutely informed purchasing decision.